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During its service life it served at several Army Air Fields, in the following order (no dates given Love Field, Dallas, TX; March Field, CA; Tinker Field, OK; Naval Air Facility Lemoore, CA; Bowman Field, KY, Cincinnati Field, OH; Wright Field,. 6587 (4th FG, 334th FS, 8th AF) shot down by AAA at Niederahr, near Montabaur, Germany Jan 2, 1945. SOC Aug 29, to RAF as Baltimore V FW524. To RAF in India as Dakota

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IV KK168 via RAF Nqssau Jan 4, 1945. 22847 (MSN 30786) to China 22849 to raaf as A to raaf as A29-6Crash landed at Momote airstrip Mar 25, 1945.

plan q metz sint truiden

To Germany Comex Import Export as D-cabe. FLC Nov 27, 1946. To Qantas as VH-EBO "Pacific Trader" Jul 1949. Transferred to Military Aircraft Assistance Group Mar 12, 1953. Ferried from Whenuapai to Guadalcanal departing Whenuapai on.14 Squadron. 48034 (MSN 13850/25295) to usaaf Jul 8, 1944. 8899 to RAF as Baltimore V FW742. Issued in 1973 to Department of Agriculture as N93042 and struck off usaf charge on Jan 18, 1974. 48909 (MSN 26170) to South Vietnam AF, later to Royal Laotian AF 48910 crashed Fe 7, 1948 in North Carolina. Converted to EC-45F in 1949.

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Order for two prototypes placed 18Jun43. 22436 (B-26C) to Chile in 1957 as 827. 70 Sqdn RAF Sep 9, 1948. SOC Feb 28, to RAF as Hadrian II KK840. 28681 (97th FS, 82nd FG, 15th AF) lost to AAA at Lavamund, Austria Mar 4, 1945. SOC Feb 27, 1944. Macr Delivered Cheyenne 28/6/44; Lincoln 14/7/44; Grenier 11/8/44; Assigned to 860BS/493BG Debach 13/8/44; (493rd BG, 860th BS, "Reluctant Lassie lost Sept 30, 1944, Bielefeld, Germany. SOC Apr 25, to RAF as Hadrian II KK740. 25568 (MSN 3443) 83rd FS HL-X, 78th FG, 8th AF, Duxford, Station 357; "Relia 352nd FS SX-N, 353rd FG, 8th AF, Raydon, Station 157; "Elsie "Little Chum Damaged 26Jun44 taxying at RAF Hornchurch 25569 (MSN 3444) 506th FS 4K-R, 404th FG, 9th AF, "Rae until. 24785 (361st FG, 374th FS) crashed due to bad weather at Normandy, France Jun 19, 1944. 34366 (585th BS, 394th BG, 9th AF) in landing accident at Cambrai/Niergnies Airfield A-74, France Jan 13, 1945. Jordan NW leased 1953. Wm F Bottoms, Richmond, CA US Nov69. 38161 (100th BG) crash landed near Joigny, France Nov 9, 1944. 26771 (MSN 58B 9083) to Cuba May 1943 as faec. 15147 (MSN 19613) delivered to usaaf 11Feb44; 8th AF 12Apr44; 9th AF, Troop Carrier Command 14Apr44; transferred to Royal AF from usaaf Stocks in UK 11Oct44 as Dakota III, serial TS431;.1 Heavy Glider Servicing Unit, 38th Airborne Forces Group, Netheravon, Wiltshire; recovered gliders from. DAP raaf Parafield 26Feb57. Alloted dual St Louis/Louisville MSNs as 376/2919 to 385/ (MSN 376/2919/CK353) excluded Aug 1, (MSN 377/2920/CK354) usaaf to cnac XT-120, N8367C, N48994V (1953 XA-MER in 1957, YV-C-LBR in 1962 YV-C-TGD in 1968, YV-143C WFU (MSN 378/2921) excluded Aug 1, (MSN 379/2922/CK356) transferred to Chinese. 35662 to RAF as Expeditor naturisme sexy lierre I HB203. DBR in gale, Raipur May 23, to RAF as Hadrian II FR631. SOC Aug 29, (MSN 6298) to rcaf as Expeditor II 1384. 47164 (MSN 235) transferred to Chinese AF Apr 15, 1946. 12159 (364th FS, 357th FG) crashed during wheels up belly landing at Panworth Hall, Ashill, England Apr 5, 1944 due to engine failure. 37611 (381st BG) flown to Kingman, AZ Dec 14, 1945. Current Oct 2016 with rencontresadultes site de raconte gratuit private owner. Presumed scrapped after the war. Assembled.1 Aircraft Depot, Hobsonville and BoC at Hobsonville on Coded "36". 6754 (487th FS, 352nd FG) in forced landing at Steeple, Essex, England Feb 18, 1945. W/o Sep 11, (MSN 6383) remanufactured by Beech as TC-45G 51-11511.

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(MSN 6652) to civil registry as N1362N, N2258W 35888 (MSN 6653) converted before delivery to CQ-3 drone director. Condemned Jun 1, to US Navy Mar 8, (?) to Royal Navy as Hoverfly I FT837 3/1944. Pilot interned 6462 (528th FS, 311th FG, 14th AF) crashed at Kunlien, China due to engine failure Sep 12, 1944. 1 AD raaf 20Oct58. Assigned 100th BG Thorpe Abbots Oct 13,1 944. 25046 (77th FS, 30th FG, 8th AF) crashed in eastern Denmark due to engine failure Oct 7, 1944.

plan q metz sint truiden